Fair skin and sharp features somewhat subdued by dark rings around her eyes, which are so dark that pupil and iris are indistinguishable and light is reflected brightly. She is missing part of an eyebrow which corresponds to a section of hair that is much shorter than the rest, scruffy and roughly cut close to the head by an unusual method. Otherwise her hair, when not worn up, is very long and glossy back, reaching about to her knees. She seems to have a keen intelligence behind her eyes; at least when they aren't glossed over in inebriation or boredom.

She wears a dark coat that looked to once belong to a noble but has been stained with soot and acrid chemicals to a dingy dark grey. The front has been roughly tailored to button along the leather cuirass that ends just low enough to expose an eyeful of tightly squeezed, pale bust. The bottom of it, likewise, ends prematurely to show off wide hips that bloom from a slender midriff. Slung low on those hips is a belt and scruffy black leather shorts that rolls up to the very tops of her otherwise bare legs. Her feet are mostly bare, just cloth wrapped around the ball of her foot-pad and bottom of her heel.