_ Rikka deleMaistre
Rikka was born and raised in the farms of rural Rostland, and this is easily manifested by her somewhat tattered choices of armor and clothing--clearly second or third hand compared to the larger panoplies that the well-to-do could muster--and her strong and athletic build, standing at an impressive six feet, with the toning expected of one who lived and early life helping out at the fields until the call to adventure came along.

Black haired and dark eyed--which is at least a little bit unusual, but probably a throwback to something ancient.  Her battle techniques are unpolished, but practical enough to compensate for her inferior training and equipment--even when she doesn't just throw shining colors in someone's face with a gesture, or create a defensive field from her will alone.

Rikka trained as an apprentice at Marcus Magic in Restov and then worked with Henry as a caravan guard before joining the expedition to The Stolen Land. She has been 'adopted' into henry's family and now owns one of the best sord and weapon smiths in the region.

Her shop in Tusk sells magical weapons and armour that carry enchantments up to +2 equivalent.  She has a standing offer that all members of the Midmarch Chapter can buy one weapon or armour at cost price.