Aris'ta runs Hunters Rest in the  Narlemarch, and is responsible for security across quite a large area.

Aris'ta is an elf caught between two worlds. While she retains the light hair of her mother, long and flowing to well past her waist if left free (it is generally held back in a tight, knotted pony behind her), her eyes retain the silver of her father's heritage. Her skin is a gray color, though it is not sickly, but rather smooth and firm. High cheekbones give a heir to grace and dark, thin, but pouted lips give a hint of delicacy. High tipped ears lay back against her head. She is thin, yet toned, a delicate frame that stands with both poise and sturdiness. A scar is seen on her left hand, small and patchy, as it is the branded mark of a half-breed to the underworld. It is generally hidden by gloves.

Her voice is smooth with dulcet tones, as of one of nobility. A generally expressionless face when on her own, she can be quite animated at times and come off as condescending or questionable with a quirked eyebrow at someone else's actions. Her mannerisms reflect one of distrust and general discomfort. It is rare for her to remove her gloves, the mark on her skin feeling as a sign of weakness. Her cloak also, generally, stays in place if there is even a remote possibility of being seen. When addressed, she would stand ramrod tall, arms folded and chooses to often walk this way as a manner of protecting herself from outside influence. Her eyes, that brilliant near glowing silver tell a different story. It is a story laced with regret and sadness, of longing and despair.