_ Zorah
Tall and thin, reminiscent of a gangly teenager, Zorah is taller than the typical half-elf.  She keeps her dark hair shorter with a natural wave.  Jewelry made of natural materials such as stones and plant fibers often adorn her neck, hair, and wrists.  Despite her voracious appetite for fruits and vegetables she maintains an almost ghoul-like thinness.

Zorah is always surrounded by her "animal friends", as she calls them.  Murdock, a red fox, typically trails behind.  Puck, a grey horse with white markings on his legs, is more of a pack animal as Zorah rarely rides him.  While Wilson the hawk keeps an eye out from above where he circles the sky.  Finally, when it's safe to come out Sedgewig the hedgehog will emerge from Zorah's backpack to show off his dancing skills.

Since she retired from adventuring Zorah runs the Bar-Z ranch  (training and breeding horses) just outside Oston.