_ Mariam doZima Wolfeater
The first thing that you notice when you meet this half-orc is that she is tall, seven feet tall. This hulking mass of olive toned muscle stands out in almost any crowd. She has a large underbite with tusks protruding out of her mouth, her left tusk is chipped. Her long curly brown hair that she spends a good hour each morning battling is neatly tied in a braid. She wears a cotton gown, not a fancy gown but sewn on it is the crest of house Medvyed. On her stout nose sits a pair of glasses which she uses for most of her free time to read.
 Mariam isn't beautiful in the traditional sense but she has a charm to her. She is a shy person who loves to read. She also has a strong sense of justice and compassion, she believes the best way to get something done is through words not violence but that will not stop her from fighting for what she believes in.
A child of both Zima and Wolfeater tribe she was the chiefs daughter and also with  the blood of house Medvyed running through her veins. When Mariam's mother died her father found a new wife who sent the young half-orc away for fear of the girls safety in the upcoming power struggle that would surely ensue. Mariam had shown an apatude for fighting from a young age and so she was taught at the Temple of Iomedae in New Steven the ways of the Paladin and she learnt there until she was sixteen. Now it is her firm desire to go out into the world and make it a better place.