Cass Mordane

Half-elven bard. Sword scion.

Anyone who traveled the streets of Restov knew Cass and his performances. Acting, singing, instrumentals, Cass ran the gauntlet to earn a few coins, and to be honest, more coins in a day than most jobs paid in a week. The few who were aware of his night time activities knew that he spent a large share of those coins in training with the Aldori swordlords.

None of these casual observers were aware of the motivation for such activities. None save his one true friend Kienna, a girl who worked in the markets each day. Cass had revealed to her that he desired placing himself in a position where he would be respected. He said no one ever held him in any regard, half-blooded mongrel that he was, only his performances.

His sometime patron, Arnos Nightriddle, sorry that he was unable to continue offering monetary aid, hoped that he had provided a key to his dreams by providing him with a copy of the charter. In the Stolen Lands, Cass could carve a name for himself as bright and as bold as ever imaginable.