Alanna is a pretty young half-elven woman who seems to favor only the best elements of her mixed-race heritage. She stands just under 5 1/2 feet tall and has strikingly beautiful red hair that she wears long and loose. Her face has the thin, graceful features and pointed ears of her elven heritage, while her rather ample bosom is more indicative of a healthy human woman. Her eyes are an enchanting green color and attract those who are caught in their gaze by a mixture of mischief and surprising wisdom.

She typically dresses in low-cut shirts that provide a generous show of cleavage to onlookers and tight fitting breeches that accentuate her shapely derrière.

Alanna serves as Marik's right-hand and chancellor to his growing interests. She can often be seen around Tusk Town, but has recently been spending most of her time at the new settlement of New Dawn, overseeing the efforts there.