The Would-be Warrior Queen

El'indre is the daughter of a power hungry man and a mother who was far too beautiful for this world to survive. At a young age she was left practically orphaned, tended to by the ungentle hands of servants and under the ruling thumb of a father who did not love or care for her. In such cruel conditions, she became almost a wild child, running rampant and warring with the local children who dared to make fun of her look and dress. A child forever after a love of a parent who knew nothing of love, she strove to be the son she thought the hard man wanted, never understanding that she had been nothing more than a pawn in his lust for power. Though her father is a member of the Surtova family, she tends to take after her mother's line in belief and merit.

It was in her youth a minor change came over the woman, changing her rough exterior into that of a passable daughter of a nobleman, though she still refused to dress as most ladies would, preferring instead the clothing of a man, yet fitted to her ever changing form.

She spent her youth in and out of finishing schools, due to her father's insistence that she portray the look of her title and rank, but more out of fear that she would embarrass his good, well-paid-for name. Eventually, she stayed put long enough to be pushed through on a two-sided agreement and returned home to new challenges and changes in an ever-changing world.

El'indre is a woman named after her great-grandfather El'indru Resonte Medvyed and bares a striking resemblance to the noble families line. She is of fair height and build, with an athletic pose and a serious face. Her skin is a fair color, a brilliant contrast to the deep-seeded blue of her eyes, and the dark tangled mess of wave about her face.

She carries with her the family sword, a gift from her grandfather upon her return from school, a black long sword with an engraved hilt. Upon her waist is the family crest, a down-turned leaf with the family name. She is often seen wearing accents of deep, rich red, off-set by the rough brown of boots and greyed-white of shirt.