A tall paladin riding a small mule...

Jensen grew up as a poor boy on a farm around Restov, hearing tales of sword lords and other great warriors.  However, when it came time to apprentice, his father found him a job working with an apothecary who happened to be a priestess of Sarenrae from a small suburb just outside Restov. His faith was strong, but the stories of swordsmen and adventure were just as strong.

Jensen grew up reverent to Erastil as well, but gained a leaning toward Sarenrae due to his desire to be a healer as well as a fighter. That Sarenrae is also a redeemer of evil-doers also sits well with Jensen since he hopes for the best outcome for all.

Merciful in the arts of healing, Jensen is also merciless in battle. What cannot be restored must be culled. A tainted crop harms many, but a cropless season nurtures no one.

Jensen travels with and assists Cass Mordane.