Ethankas is a large, fleshy, giant of a man, shoulders broad and stomach thick, dark of skin and hairless.  Clad in a suit of jointed plate armour he seems somehow impregnable, this impression only reinforced by his calm, unflappable manner that will not countenance failure.

When he moves, it is with deliberate movements as if each step were part of a ceremony or ritual, and when he speaks his voice is sure and deep, inspiring confidence.

On the palm of both hands is branded a spiral, a sign that this man is a priest of Pharasma, the Lady of Graves and Mother of Souls ... but perhaps no ordinary priest.  One ill-suited to the celebration of births and betrothals, you would think, but more at home with the grimmer duties of his calling as the heavy blade he carries would testify.

Calm and unflappable, a smile oft dancing about his lips, as if all is but a fleeting amusement, Ethankos not easily swayed, confident in his beliefs and his appointed task.