Darius stands just a smidgen under 6 feet tall and is usually dressed in loose-fitting, colorful clothing befitting a merchant or (very) minor noble. His face is quite handsome, with inviting brown eyes and an almost everpresent smile. He wears his dark hair long and generally loose.

Darius has only been in Tusk Town for a short period, but has already established a reputation as an extremely friendly gentleman who generally knows someone who knows someone that can get you what you need. He offers his services as a scribe to those interested in sending letters back to family or producing more legitimate documents than one might be able to generate on their own.

He can generally be found sampling ale at the Dragon's Den, sharing a meal with a friend at Tansy's Tavern, or enjoying the personal company of one of the employess of The Bottled Nymph.

Darius serves as Advocate for Marik and his interests in Midmarch.