Alisa D'Medvyed
As half-elf women tend to go, Alisa is shorter than many, nearer to the average of a human.   She is on the slender side, but more curvy than some of such mixed blood. Her eyes are a dark human brown,  complexion light tan, hair pure elvish white, like new winter snow. She tends to wear it in a distinctive and formal braid, the origin of which most would be hard pressed to say. Her clerical raiment is dusk blue, white, and silver trimmed, though more commonly she's grey-cloaked, and suited up in studded leather armor.

The finely crafted spear she bears is reflected in the silver sigil that hangs about her throat -- a pair of spears crossed atop a full moon.

Story:   Those who've spent time in the lands of the Medvyed, in eastern Brevoy, may recall a particular ill-fated romance. Betwixt Trevor D'Medvyed, middle son of a local Master, and a pale haired fey beauty most thought to be some denizen of the Gronzi forest.   The relationship ran long and seriously enough to produce a child, a daughter, whom the couple briefly raised together after marrying.  But ended in heartbreak for Trevor when his elfin lady love departed, not to be seen again.   For whatever reason, she did not take the child with her, leaving Trevor as sole parent.

As Alisa grew, there were whispers and gossip as to the nature of her lineage.    With the general regard the Medvyed feel toward the fey, these were nothing that detrimented her life.   And those close to Trevor knew she was nothing more unusual than a half-elf.    Even so, the whispers that Alisa began to hear at adolescence were unusual.   Spoken by one who was never physically there.  She'd no way of knowing her mother's people could hear the same, in their home at the Spire.

Alisa became scarce as she grew toward womanhood.   Some said that she was spending time with some secret love, while others that she was involved in some sort of apprenticeship.     And neither was entirely wrong, if still far off the truth.    Eventually, she presented herself with the trappings and powers of a fully anointed cleric.

The silver holy symbol she wears -- crossed spears over a full moon -- do not represent any god who is broadly known in the present day.     Though some versed in Azlanti history and religion may recognize the sigil of Acavna -- a goddess said to have perished centuries ago, in the cataclysm of the Earthfall.