Dara Algot
Dara stands roughly 5'6" and is a slender, lithe frame.  She has piercing green eyes deep with intellict and thought and her long, auburn hair runs down just past her tanned shoulders.  While she is comely to behold, she lacks any distinctive features to make her anything more than another face in the crowd.  A cleric of Sarenrae, she is often seen in her holy vestments practicing her chosen profession of medicine or in traditional traveling attire moving from one place to another.  As a native of Varisia, her home has always been the road and while she prefers the safety of caravans when she moves from place to place, she is not afraid to don her holy breastplate, pick up her goddess's chosen scimitar and travel the road alone if necessary.

Most commonly, Dara travels in her native clothing.  Typically she wears a vibrantly colored outfit consisting of a pink shift under a red and green blouse with a rainbow colored skirt in town or a pair of trousers for travel.  Often times her hair will also sport various colored ribbons for decoration though only when she feels the need to express herself in some fashion. Around her waist or around her neck she always has her family Kapenia with all of its colors and symbols to reflect her genealogy.  Dara also wears assorted jewelry of differing color.  Dangling earrings mixed with jeweled studs, bracelets, a choker with a small symbol of Sarenrae embedded in the middle, rings and assorted piercings make up her usual collection of decor.

Dara never travels alone.  Aside from her horse, Dara also has a daughter rapidly approaching one year old and her close friend and care giver Lydia.  During the day Dara leaves her daughter Sara in Lydia's care while she ears money practicing medicine, money desperately needed to ensure they all can maintain a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.  Whenever she speaks of her daughter, Dara always lights up like the sun with pride and joy.  They are her family and she'd do whatever it takes to keep them together and cared for.  More recently, that has meant trying to find a place to settle down, plant roots and foster a healthy place for Sara to grow up or at least grow old enough to endure the rigors of the road.

Lydia stands roughly 5'8" and was quite thin, almost too thin to some.  She had brown hair ran down her back in a braid and brown eyes that were full and inspiring, beaming with emotion and interest.  Also Varisian, she wore her own colorful garb though she did not carry anything more than a dagger, and that more as a tool than a weapon.  She is Dara's aid, friend, child care and whatever else she needed to be.  Her Kapenia was small and lacked much for design, a symbol of her coming from either a young family or one lacking any meaningful lineage.  Lydia first joined with Dara as Dara's pregnancy became more advanced but the two were quick friends and decided to remain together even after the child was born.  Lydia had no real family and Dara and Sara were the best she ever had.  She was comfortable living in Dara's shadow though neither woman would put their relationship in such crass words.