Rebecca Moore

Name: Rebecca "Reby" Moore
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Marietta, GA
Height: 5' 9"  Weight: 144 lbs.
Hair: Blonde   Eyes: Hazel

Formerly a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps with combat experience overseas, Reby Moore had been subjected to sexism throughout her service. This intensified when she was selected to join a previously all-male Special Forces unit. Towards the end of her training, Moore was outed a lesbian after someone had followed her to a gay bar and photographed her kissing another woman. She was discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and returned to her hometown in Georgia. Moore drifted from one job to another, become embittered. She began to affiliate with extremist groups and decided an armed response was the only one for how she was treated by the military. Moore has become a criminal, using her skills to target government buildings such as armories and federal reserve banks for robbery. She also trains other anti-government radicals in combat. Moore is currently on the FBI's most wanted list and should always be considered armed and dangerous.