Miles Carver
Miles Carver is the middle of three children, born and raised in Northern California he graduated High School at 16 got his masters in Environmental Engineering from Berkeley at 21. The week after that he married his High School sweetheart Maddie Hale. Over the next decade Miles worked around the country, wherever the worst environmental emergencies were to be found. In the process he racked up a number of patents, most based on improved environmental cleanup procedures. He also made a butt load of miney, one of the smartest thing he had done was insist on the lion's share of the proceeds for anything he developed.

Everything was going along fine until he discovered his wife was sleeping with one of her co-workers. Two weeks ago he found out she was pregnant. Currently hes trying to decide if he wants the child to be is. Maddie says she still ,loves him and while separated they are trying to work on the relationship. Hes just not sure if its something he wants.