Dorothy Asutilla

Dorothy Asutilla (Ah-Sue-Til'-Ya. Filipinos use lots of Spanish names, but pronounce the double L as LY rather than just Y.)
Age: 26

The Eskrimadora                   Mayari
Height: 5'6"                      Height: 7'8"
Weight: 120#                      Weight: 550#

Handy Filipino words and phrases I may use from time to time...
Ate': Big Sister,can be used when speaking to any female slightly older than you
Coya or Manong: Big Brother. Manong being older than Coya
Salamat: Thank you
Lolo: Grandfather. Can be used when speaking to anyone of sufficient age.
Lola: Grandmother
Labot: Butt
Gwapa: Beautiful woman
Gwapo: Handsome man