Alexandra Olson
Name: Alexandra Olson
Alias: Alex, Lexi, Alexa.
Titles: Special Agent FBI, Operational Technology Division


Alexandra Olson's work with the FBI is the focus of her life.  A daughter of Howard Olson, a well known attorney and philanthropist, she grew up in privilege but was raised with a strong sense of duty to the community.

She currently works with the OTD within the FBI, and is known to be an expert on the latest tech advances by vigilantes and villains alike, finding herself a frequent adviser on task forces devoted to dealing with those unique threats to national security.


Howard Olson:  A powerful attorney.  He raised her and instilled his values into her as a young girl.  He is Alexandra's father, mentor, and counselor.

State Pavilion:  Location of countless STEM events and tech-shows.  Alexandra ha a personal connection to the Pavilion, having spent much time there in her youth.  She sometimes volunteers there in the present as well.

FBI Technology Lab:  This is where Alexandra works.  It's where a lot of the cutting edge technology that the FBI uses in field operations is designed and developed.  It's also where they research and test captured gadgets and devices.

Metro Police Station: This is the police station where Police Chief Daniel McCarthy works from.  They've been having increasing problems on the streets with vigilantes and self-proclaimed villains with access to dangerous technology.  As a result, they are looking to even the playing field by acquiring advanced tech of their own; and they've been trying to convince Alexandra Olson to help them acquire it.  So far, she has been reluctant to do so.