Chris Taylor
Chris has always been a bit odd.

He's of a very lithe, even dainty build, but quick and agile. There is a strange softness to his features that leads most to take him for a woman, at least at first.

He stand's at 5'4" and weighs in at 124 lbs. His hair is dark brown, down to his shoulders, and he has pale blue eyes.

Usually he will dress plainly, unless he is at work, in which case a dark catsuit is his preferred outfit.

While he may on occasion exploit his unique appearance for deceptive purposes, if there is enough to be gained, he will usually insist quite firmly that despite appearances, he's all man.

He has a deliberate grace and precision to his movements that make watching him at work a joy to behold.

As far as most people are concerned, he is a struggling wannabe actor, though for 'struggling' he always seems to have 'just enough' cash on hand to live in a relatively nice apartment, wear nice clothes and go out on the town.

In reality, he is an expert cat-burglar, who makes his living by stealing from the rich.