Jennifer Scaif

MetagameAttractive 2, Looks very fit, Good Persuasion skill

Jennifer Scaif was born Jennifer Miller. Her father General Miller was for many years in charge of the US's largest electronic data collecting asset outside the United States: Menwith Hill in the Yorkshire Dales. Her mother was Doctor Helen Scaith, a local MD. When she was five her mother died. 'A car accident' she was always told, and she spent her formative years as an army brat. Her fondest memories of this time are from about eight onwards when Steve came. Steve was a PE instructor on the base, who had 'been with her dad in something black'. He formed the Capoeira club, which was open to non base people, and later on when she got better she would sometimes travel to York to join in with the club there, especially the social life and the dancing

During that time her father's role changed: The NSA took over the base from the army, and her father took on some 'not very clear' job which meant that although he was still based in the UK, he traveled a lot. Sometimes, she her nanny went with him. It was when her father married the nanny, that Jennifer made her biggest mistake. She left her father, refusing to attend the wedding, and changed her name by deed poll to her mother's maiden name: a decision that she now regrets.

As adult UK/USA national, she had to make her own way. Jennifer got the UK army to pay for her medical tuition in exchange for her joining the medical corps. At age 24 she was Captain Scaif in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Jennifer loves the army life. She is getting an education in trauma medicine that few people in the world have. She loves training and the extreme sports. But she doesn't carry a gun, even though she's allowed to, as the only purpose for a gun is to kill or hurt people, and she doesn't do that.

General 'Thunderbolt' Miller
General Miller is an O10 General in the US Army, which is the highest rank to which a person can aspire to if the US is not at war. Unusually his portfolio is classified, and even more unusually he has held the position for nearly ten years now.