Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor is an easy going, kind hearted person. Having been a confirmed lesbian as far back as she can remember, she plays up a tomboyish look, keeping her hair short, and her muscles toned, but not big.

She and her brother Chris really do look a lot alike, and as she has been sporting short hairstyles all her life, that's part of the reason Chris has let his own grow out, so they look a bit further apart. The smooth skin, full lips and high cheekbones look just as good on her as they do on him.

She is a bit of a player when it comes to girls, but is always upfront about her intentions, and though she primarily has one night stands, she's also had longer term relationships.

She's very involved in the local gay and lesbian scene, and something of a fixture there.

She's finishing her masters degree in software engineering, and her life has just been made considerably more complex by the death of her parents, which necessitated her youngest brother Adam moving in with her. Though she loves him, she kind of resents this new responsibility in her life and wishes Chris would step up and play a bigger role, as well as give up acting to do more financially rewarding work.