Howard Olson
Name: Howard Olson


Alexandra's Father/Mentor (Temporarily Estranged)
Patron of Jackson Moore's business
Partner of the Law Firm that is defending Jackson Moore in court
Former boss/mentor to Zari Hasan
Patron to Miles Carver's college education
Professional acquaintance of Chief McCarthy
Co-Philanthropist with Dorothy Asutilla with Little Manilla charities

Brief Description:

He's a partner at a law firm in Manhattan, but for the past ten years or so, he's been in semi-retirement.  He was very hard working when Alexandra was young, and he took his duty to the community very seriously, at various points taking on big cases pro bono when the cause was just.  In the present, he still takes an interest in Alexandra's life, often acting as the wise mentor, or sometimes the voice of conscience.

He regrets missing time with his family, but as he looks back at his life, he's glad for all the good he's done for the community.  He has a strong work ethic, and personal ethic as well, and is worried that his daughter may be pressing the bounds between right and wrong in her pursuit of success in her career.