Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy certainly looks the part of his career- A tall man with a bit of a beer belly who wears his years of experience in the creases on his face and the stubble on his jaw. He's often seen grizzled and tired but if there's a camera within a mile of him, he can sniff it out like a dog and like magic pull himself together to come out looking like a movie's leading man in his prime.

To Chief McCarthy there is no difference in importance between form and function. The suit makes the man, but the man makes the suit. In the many public appearances and interviews he gives to the media, it's important to show just how in control and efficient he is, even if the results themselves proved his case. Why else would he present his family as the ideal All-American dream? When his son was hospitalized,his words of encouragement included "McCarthy's  are not victims".

As much of a vain control freak as he is, anyone who spent time with him could vouch for the love and sense of duty he has for his city and family. Leading the investigation that resulted in the capture of the Mad Mage is still a valid talking point among journalists years later, and New York is currently experiencing the lowest crime rate it's seen in decades.