Clarence Jackson

Clarence Jackson is one of Chris' older friends. They've been classmates since they were 10, and best friends since age 12, when they discovered a mutual interest in skateboards, old rock music and videogames.

Clarence is a bit of a swindler. Although from a firmly upper middle-class background, with an accountant father and policewoman mother, he has always liked to portray himself as a gangster at school. For a while, he played up that look, and even went so far as to deal pot to the affluent kids in school, until he decided it was too risky.

He's always had a great talent for making connections and making impressions on people. He made connections easily in the drug business at first, but when he decided to take fewer risks, it was also easy for him to make connections with pawn shops, unscrupulous art dealers and others that could turn various loot into cash. He's recently made connections to the Fang brothers and Jen Choi, as a means of cashing some large ticket items.

Clarence puts a lot of effort into his looks, but will switch it up wildly from week to week, in hopes of throwing off surveillance or tails. Huge afro one week, straight ponytail another, clean shaven the next.

He started out dealing mostly in Chris' loot, and he remains his biggest supplier of stolen items, but he has since expanded his business, and in fact, is going to the local community college to study business along with this sideline.

This of course, means he shouldn't spend so much time hanging out with Chris, but he finds himself having a hard time saying no to the smaller boy.

Although straight, some part of Clarence is unable to reconcile Chris as male and has wound up treating him as an oblivious and unattainable female friend, although Chris is completely oblivious to this.