Bramwell Caulder
Bramwell Caulder is a strapping, broad-shouldered fellow topping six feet in height.  He might look formidable were it not for his slouched posture and a studious, amiable demeanor.  He has a pale, easily-sunburnt complexion and looks to be approaching his thirtieth year.  His thick, dark brown hair is parted at the temple and hangs over his tapered ears.  The contemplative expression, the rounded spectacles on an aquiline nose and the constant scribbling in his travel journal all make it easy to mark him as a scholar.

When traveling Bram wears heavy boots, chain mail armor, a sturdy travel pack with a coil of rope and a leatherbound journal tied to it, as well as a thick belt with many pouches and a bearded battleaxe hanging at one hip.  Strapped to his back is a round shield emblazoned with the image of a lit candle over a purple eye with a triangular pupil: the symbol of Deneir, Lord of All Glyphs and Images and patron deity of scribes and artists.