Tessa Greenwater
Name   : Tessa Greenwater

Race   : Forest Gnome     Eyes : Green
Height : 3 ft  2 in       Hair : Pink
Weight : 28 lbs           Age  : 43

Tessa Greenwater might have had the typical demeanor of forest gnome in the past, but the world has hardened her more than a little in the last few years.  People, trusted people, had been keeping secrets from her.  Things that she deserved to know far sooner.  Their revelation sent Tessa into a bit of tailspin.  Even so, she found her way to Candlekeep and accomplished what she'd set out to do: join the Way of the Red Tiger school, an unusual arcane tradition combining magic with swordplay and founded by Carad Helcathe.  As she finished her schooling, Tessa made a vow to herself.  A vow to pursue the secrets revealed to her and seek those that had stolen from her.  Questions about the Cult of the Eternal Flame and its members have lead the young woman farther and farther north from her home in Hardbuckler.

Tessa is a shade taller than other forest gnomes with a build similar to a whip.  There's not a whole lot of muscle on her frame, though she is somewhat tough and possessed of quick wits.  Her skin is still a bit pale from years spent as a researcher despite spending several years on the road.  Tessa's hands have a few fading ink stains on them as well as calluses that can only be earned from training in the way of the sword.  Her hair is sheared close on the sides, left long on top, and dyed a vibrant shade of pink.  Tessa's face is still young and unlined, but it is marked by several red stripes reminiscent of a tiger.  There are similar tattoos on her upper arms as well; the marks of her training and graduation.  Her big eyes are quite expressive, and she often has trouble hiding her feelings.  Tessa's gaze contains equal parts gentleness and intensity.  For clothing, Tessa favors simple but sturdy clothing in a sailor's cut.  Her black breeches and white, loose tunic are cinched at the waist with a wide, red leather belt.  Her ensemble is complete with a set of sturdy, soft leather boots that rise to mid-calf and a cavalier's hat complete with a trio of colored feathers.  To tote her necessary equipment, Tessa favors a pair of straight sheathes on her right thigh for her twisted wand of oak and yew and her single dagger and a baldric for her duelist's style rapier.  At need, she also has a long, black canvas coat with which to keep dry, and a sturdy, standard seeming backpack filled with the rest of the essentials to a life lived on the road.

Last but not least, Tessa is accompanied by a small, grey owl of the boreal variety.  It's a tiny creature with piercing, yellow eyes and capable of making quite the racket when it's feeling neglected.  Thankfully, those moments are rare, because the creature has been a companion of Tessa's for the last couple of years.  The owl's name is Bubo, and there is something odd about the creature.  Some of its feathers have greenish tints to them, and the air surrounding it almost seems to shimmer from time to time.