Soldier - Nierin Paderau Baines
Edge +2
Synth +1
Mind +0
Meat -1
Style +0
Cool +1

Behavioural: Avoids bad PR for the firm, collateral damage; mark experience if this conflicts with mission
Financial: Mark experience if you put money before the mission

Neural Interface with Targeting Suite: Rolls and adds Syth with Heavy Pistol
Here's the Plan: +1 to party when on preassigned task during mission, misses or going off-plan loses bonus.
Mark experience if I get paid
I Love It When A Plan Comes Together: Roll Edge; 10+ Gain 3 hold/7-9 Gain 1
Spend 1 hold to have piece of gear or be where needed right now
6- gain 1 hold but advance legwork clock
Aura of Professionalism: Always choose an extra option when Getting a Job or Paid.

Heavy Pistol: 3 harm, close/near loud, linked
Flashbangs: S harm near loud area reload
Armored Clothing: discreet, -1 to harm roll, 0 armor
Goggles: flash compensation, thermographic

Born almost 30 years ago; exact date unrecorded
Father brokered illicit digital entertainment, death recordings, and other data for local criminals. Mother uncertain; father lived with six prostitutes belonging to the vory v zakone.
Began working for vory v zakone at age 12; by age 18 was considered a full bratok despite his non-Russian (mixed Welsh) heritage.
At age 21 was given an assignment to meet a representative from a rival group and negotiate a ceasefire on behalf of a vor in exchange for promotion to avtoritet. Before the meeting could take place, both parties were caught in a chemical weapons attack undertaken by a pharmaceutical company attempting to paint their competitor's products as dangerous. Baines was later recovered by a PCS cleanup team, who determined his situation would make him a malleable asset and brought him in to be cybernetically enhanced.