Daniel Miller
A young man of 16, there's not much that would make Daniel stand out in a crowd - he's of average height (about 5'8"), has a slightly athletic build, is a little on the pale side, which contrasts with his black hair, eyes the color of heavily-creamed coffee... he's pretty average.

His wardrobe is a bit off, though. Generally wearing a dark brown leather jacket (which he only removes in very hot weather), a black long-sleeved shirt, and black gloves and jeans, he looks like a very well-covered goth (though his shoes are black and white sneakers, and he doesn't wear makeup). In fact, the only part of him that isn't covered by clothing is his head.

He tends to keep his distance from people, both emotionally and physically, and doesn't generally talk much. His hands are usually hidden in his pockets, and his slouched posture makes him look like he's trying to disappear into the ground at any given time (which may not be inaccurate). Unfortunately, he hasn't managed to turn invisible yet...

Note: Anyone who watches the news might recognize Daniel - there was a nation-wide manhunt for the young man after he reportedly attacked his hometown in Texas, hospitalizing numerous people. The hunt lasted about a month before he was apprehended, though no one had heard of him since.