Emily Glazier
Emily is a teenage girl with a trim almost perfectly proportioned sculpted figure.  Sculpted is more than a figure of speech in her case as she appears to be a 5'6'' sculpture made entirely of glass.  Almost all of her body is entirely clear showing no organs or signs of organic life.  Her hair seems to be an unnatural and amorphous obsidian that flows in a manner vaguely resembling actual hair.  It falls just past her shoulders and often frames her face.  The only real splash of color on Emily's  body is in her eyes.  They look like tiny brilliant blue planes of stained glass.  Her voice is also distinctive with a dissonant almost ethereal hint like a less pronounced version of the glass harmonium.

Emily tends to prefer hoods and full clothing that lets her cover almost all of her body.  She hasn't had much too choose from over the last couple years but she's mostly picked clothing that helps her blend in rather than stand out.  The last couple years have ingrained the need to stay hidden in her mind and even if it's not strictly necessary any more habits are hard to break.

While her first instinct when trouble comes is to hide its generally only to assess the situation and she can be vicious when provoked.  Particularly when something she cares about is on the line.  When that happens she becomes tenacious and extremely aggressive defending whatever she thinks of as hers whether it's people, possessions, or even an idea.  Coupled with her tendency to jump in and try to support whoever she views as the disenfranchised or the underdog in a sort of sympathy and she can be far more aggressive than what seems apparent.