Angel Quinones Castellano
Name: 聲gel Raymond Quinones Castellano
Age    : 17                       Gender : Male
Height : 6' 1"                    Weight : 740 lbs. [Apparent Weight: 185 lbs.]
Eyes   : Brown                    Skin   : Tanned
Hair   : Black                    Build  : Powerful
A tall and powerfully built seventeen year old, 聲gel is obviously of mixed hispanic heritage. His skin is tanned almost copper. He keeps his black hair short cropped and is clean shaven. He has very little body fat and his musculature is well sculpted.

He moves with the confidence of a skilled athlete and trained fighter. He is quite handsome when he smiles, but his smiles are few and far between. Typically his clothing is comfortable, easy to move in, and durable. He prefers dark jeans, a t-shirt, and boots.

聲gel Raymond Qui隳nes Castellano was the only child of a single mother growing up in the Hispanic district of Harbor City. His father died at sea before Ximena even knew she was pregnant. His mother, Ximena Qui隳nes Castellano, did the best she could and 聲gel was a happy child. At least until the summer after his ninth birthday when his mother was killed in a gang related drive-by shooting.

After his mother's death, 聲gel was taken in by his grandfather, Juli嫕 Qui隳nes P廨ez. Faced with an angry boy, Juli嫕 turned to boxing and soccer to give his grandson acceptable outlets. 聲gel fell in love with the sports and started to do well in school. Things were going well until his power manifested.

聲gel spent three days sick and wracked with pain as invisible changes took place within him. He was hungry and ate everything he could get his hands on. But he didn't eat enough to account for his new weight. As he was recovering, he discovered that most normal furniture has difficulty supporting him and he broke several of his grandfather's chairs.

Juli嫕 pulled 聲gel out of school and from his soccer team. 聲gel learned quickly that he couldn't even spar safely with a normal person. Homeschooling slowed the process, but still whispers of his abilities made their rounds in the community.

Almost two years after the change, the tall man came and spoke with Juli嫕. Eventually Juli嫕 agreed to send 聲gel to this special school.

At his core, 聲gel is a warm and friendly young man. But the loss of his mother hit him hard. Then he had to stop participating in sports due to his powers. And now, he is sent away from his grandfather and everyone and everything he knows. Right now 聲gel is an angry young man. He tries to control his temper in fear of killing or seriously hurting someone. But controlling it is difficult.