Donato Arantes Pedrosa
  Full Name: Donato Arrantes Pedrosa
  Secret ID: None
  Age/Bday : 15 / January 15
  Gender   : Male
  Archetype: Duplicator
  Likes    : Helping people / Parkour / Pé de moleque with tabasco sauce
  Dislikes : Seeing others suffer / Profiteers / Bland food

  Quote    : "Seja uma luz onde você está com o que você tem."

Attractive 2
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   Elder son of Brazilian business magnate and beloved governor of São Paulo, Juan Carlos Pedrosa, Donato was raised in the Indaiatuba municipality of São Paulo, Brazil. Together with his brother Caio, he led a charmed life of luxury and leisure filled with only the finest things. Where many would've let the money and power go to their heads and joined the endless ranks of poorly behaved wealthy people, Donato instead invested himself in philanthropic causes starting at the age of 11. Had always felt tremendous empathy for everyone who suffered. So, his humanitarianism came as little surprise to his parents, who encouraged and supported his efforts. Indeed, his father's campaign for governor featured him and his already impressive works prominently to both support him and advance several significant platforms. This increased visibility led to increased recognition of his work throughout the country which culminated in interviews with a couple of media outlets at the age of 14.

   Donato wasn't without his faults however. Chief among them was his near obsession with taking part in activities that involved great physical risk. Early on, it was dangerous stunts with his bicycle and skateboard which resulted in a number of hospital visits and broken bones. More recently it's been parkour and vacations to secretly partake in dangerous activities such as blowhole diving, bull riding, and gravity assisted mountain biking. While his parents always expressed concern regarding his thrill-seeking trips, which they always found out about, it was the parkour that was truly divisive. Donato's trips involved proper equipment and the supervision of trained professionals at least; whereas, parkour was just some unsupervised and unregulated activity that reckless youths with no self-worth partook in. Moreover, he often practiced his hobby in slums, where his parkour friends resided, which added an extra layer of danger. Then, there was the fact that his vacations hadn't ever resulted in any serious injuries; whereas, parkour accidents when he was just starting out had sent him to the hospital on more than one occasion. The conflict reached a critical point finally after Donato's bodyguard had to save Donato and his parkour friends from a pair of gun-wielding, would-be robbers.

   Following the incident, which received a small amount of media coverage, Donato's father forbade him from ever practicing parkour again or even spending time with his friends connected to that activity. It was an uncharacteristically harsh and unfair punishment from his father that Donato was all too keen to express verbally his feelings about. Donato's defiance led to the most intense argument he'd ever had with his father which culminated in his father slamming him against a nearby wall violently after grabbing him by the throat. Amid the shock and pain of nearly being put through a wall, he even thought he saw his father reach behind his back for a moment. For the first time ever, Donato was genuinely terrified of his father, and it was this fear that awakened his mutant genes. Whether it was from witnessing the fear in Donato's eyes or from the half-dozen or so duplicates that tumbled out of Donato, his father released him almost immediately afterward. Truly, it seemed everything had changed, and Donato spent the next few days confined to his room until a strange American man met with his parents and offered to take him to a school for people with gifts like his. It was an offer his parents seemed eager to accept, as Donato was packed and on a plane for America less than one week later.

   Now, at a strange new school in an unfamiliar country, isolated from everything he knows and loves, Donato seeks to understand his newfound gifts, rediscover himself, and answer the question of whether he can repair his relationship with his family.

   01. Juan Carlos Peña Pedrosa (Father; 53)
   02. Sara Arantes Pedrosa (Mother; 43)
   03. Caio Arantes Pedrosa (Brother; 6)