Tonauac 'Tony' Torres
Name: Tonauac Torres
Age: 15
Height: 1.75m (3m nose to tail)
Weight: 150lbs
Fur: Brown on body, white "mask" around eyes and snout, brown with black rings on tail
Eyes: Brown

Tonauac "Tony" Torres is a slender, goofy-looking half-man/half-animal---or as he says, "a derpy-looking werewolf or a bad B movie monster." He is covered in brown fur, and has a ring-tail that is almost as long as he is tall. He stands about 1.75 meters tall, but stretches to about 3 meters from the tip of his nose to his tail. His face is elongated, with white fur creating sort of a mask around his big, brown eyes. He has a pair of wicked-looking canines that, according to Tony, are better at biting my own tongue than anything else. His fingers and toes are tipped with sharp, black claws. Whenever anyone asks what he thinks happened to him, he pulls out a photo of a Coati.

"I'm not sure if it's my totem spirt, I got bitten by a radioactive one, or I've been chosen as their champion, but I think I'm getting the powers or features of a Coati."

Tony usually dresses in loose t-shirts, shorts with a spot cut out for his tail, and flip-flops to accommodate his sock-shredding toes.