Taelan Faswell
To begin with Taelan rarely gets referred to by his full name. For most people he introduces himself as simply "T" and most inquiries as to the reason why are met with silence. Very few know his full name and even less know why he keeps a single letter as his title, but that's what he prefers.

For the time being Taelan does not seem to wearing armor, but that doesn't mean his chosen outfit doesn't fit a designed purpose. His general outfit consists of a lot of blacks and dark browns. He wears a simple cap with a large brim that is usually tipped to cover his face, worn looking brown leather gloves and a long brown coat with a large collar, giving him a generally covered and guarded appearance. Take those away and you'd find a man with slicked back, dark brown hair, stubbly facial hair and dark brown eyes. The only noticeable weapon on him is what appears to be a short blade seemingly just longer than a dagger in a strange, mechanical looking block of a sheathe which he wears at all times, usually tucked behind him under his large coat.

Those who take a long hard look at his face might recognize it as one that decorates wanted posters, though by Taelan's current appearance the drawing of him needs some updating. These posters don't go into a great deal of detail as to what he did, but one can say that the bounty on this man's head and the fact that he is wanted either dead or alive seems a bit out of place for a man wanted for theft.

If this helps with the mental image: http://ericbelisle.com/weblogs...offroy/geoffroy1.jpg