Mathurin Berkouchard
The only father Mathurin Berkouchard Garza de Torres has known in person is the one he has grown up with. The one that not only taught him how to use the forge, but to fight and defend himself. For the longest time, Federico Garza de Torres (a relation to the Torres family) was the only man that Mat could call that. However, when he turned sixteen, his mother Susanna told him of another man, Comte Antoine Berkouchard, ruler of a small region of Montaigne near the Castille border.

His mother told him that just before he was born, his father was killed by one of his retainers who also was in the employ of Antoine's brother Phillipe. When Phillipe came after Susanna to 'comfort' her and rule in his brother's stead, Susanna fled even though she was near ready to give birth. For days she stumbled through the countryside from hiding spot to hiding spot until she stumbled into Federico's smithy. As he oversaw her care and Mat's birth, gradually falling in love.

Now, Mat is going his own way with the sword skills of this second father, and the brains and mind shaped by his mother.