Gabriela Torres
Gabriela (full name Gabriela Torres y Mercado; Gabi to her friends) is a typical Castillian woman, with long black hair, olive skin, and golden-brown eyes. She usually wears her hair up; how elaborately depends on how long she has to prepare, but it sometimes means she's late to an important engagement. As a young aristocrat, wealth has its privileges, and Gabriela is fond of expensive gowns and footwear; she is not used to trousers, even though they'd suit her slim figure, and would be embarrassed to be seen in them, at least until she got used to the idea.

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Gabriela was born into a cadet branch of the famous aristocratic Torres family. She had a comfortable upbringing, plenty of luxury but also discipline to stop her becoming too spoiled, along with access to good tutors and a large library.

Her upbringing included exercise as well, since her tutors believed in the old adage of a "healthy mind in a healthy body", though Gabriela needed little encouragement to ride about the family estates or swim in the nearby lake. She was taught to fence, since "In these troubled times, who knows when a Lady might need to defend her own honor?"

She went on to attend the great university in San Cristobal; much as she loves learning, by now she's longing for a life away from libraries, symposia, colloquia, and seminars.