Alain Gaspard
Knowable History: Alain Gaspard has held various government posts under the L'Emperor. It is known that he is related, but it is a truly distant connect. Still, it was enough to allow him to be a potent figure in government. Occasionally, rumors arise that he is more than a simple government servant, but most doubt the credibility of these rumors.

Three years ago, he retired marrying a poor gentry girl with little to no connections. Many of the court were a gasped that he would do so. Furthermore, Alain seemed to retire to private estates. A year later, his bride Clarissa was pregnant with what would be his first child. Sadly, the birth was too hard on her. Clarissa and the died in Child Birth so the Gazettes read.

Looks: Alain has always had the dashing rogue look. Wavy salt and pepper hair with a matching goatee. Alain stands at almost 6 ft. weighing 170 lbs. He wears the fashion of the day as is proper for a Montaigne Noble. The colors tend to be Black with crimson highlights or Blue with Silver highlights. The long petticoats make it difficult to tell if he is carrying weapons.