Father Carlos Eldersan
Name: father Carlos Eldersan
Nationality: Castille
Background: castelle priest

Background: born in the filth of the cities cramped poor quarter as a child Carlos ran wild and became a runner for local heavies.
Over the years he picked up a certain skill set that made him valuable to very dangerous men.

This occupation made life dangerous and fate decided that Carlos had to pay the piper for his activities.

He was eventually betrayed and nearly died. His brush with death made him reassess his life and he found himself in a church looking for forgiveness. He became a initiate and after years of study he was ordained as a priest now he tried to help those unfortunate that he came from in the hopes of finally putting his demons to rest.


Carlos is calm and collected, he is still a little rough round the edges due to his upbringing but he will gladly give his last crust so that no one will starve.

He likes a good debate and is able to talk with confidence in many diverse subjects from his believe in his to the best brothels in most major cities.

He does not push his religion into people but will willingly prayer and give comfort to anyone that asks it needs it.

He has a great sense of humour and a easy smile and is comfortable in a large group or working on his own and can adapt to most situations.

Carlos is tall and tanned. He has a trimmed beard as moustache which has a dark ginger tint to it and eyes of pale grey.

His hair is short with a priests Tonsure (shaved head) on top. He wears sturdy boots and priests robes and usually wears his good up