Beauteous Valeria
Valeria is slender and petite, barely 5 feet tall with long flowing dark red-brown hair that brushes her calves with every step when not bound up in a some complicated style or braided for travel on the road. Stunningly beautiful grey-green eyes peer out on the world from beneath exaggerated lashes and pale almost milk-white skin makes her every movement seem almost ethereal.

Valeria is no teen seductress, but the refined beauty of a woman in her early 30's and carries herself with grace and composure in even the most tense situations. Her voice is a delicate thing, a quiet soprano that should be simple to ignore, but can cut like a well honed blade across even a shouting senators tirade, and when lifted in song or laughter warms even the coldest of hearts.

A fashion plate by both training and long years of experience, she travels with trunks full of robes and outfits at the height of style for most any social function as well as a few sturdier outfits for travel.