Darcon is a tall man with stern, albeit almost handsome features, creased with faint lines of strain around his eyes and forehead. His hair is long and fine, and flecked with streaks of silver. His eyes are his most notable feature, intense and piercing as they stare from underneath the shadows of his hooded cloak, and shining with intelligence.

He is typically dressed in a pristine flowing cloak of high quality material, not noted for typical use by adventurers and travelers. An slender quarterstaff of rare white oak, carved with elaborate runes is either held in a hand or tied at his back. A travel bag and belt pouch store Darcon's personal equipment as well as other items of note.

Darcon is secretive, like most mages are, and appears to be introverted from the outside. However when around boon companions or those that he trusts, he becomes less broody and offers advice, counsel and wisdom. The privilege of studying under a learned wizard at a young age as well as years of traveling have ensured he is well read and knowledgeable about many different things, a fact he sometimes does not shy from sharing.

He has a strict moral code which makes him firmly opposed to  any who would oppress the defenseless and the meek, though this does not prevent him from taking advantage of others when the need arises and he feels they deserve it. Mages are crafty creatures, after all.