Species : Human
Gender : Female
Age : 29
Height : 1.6 m
Weight : 50 kg
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Skin : Fair

Narrative : A young beautiful woman in her early 20's. She's well proportioned to her 5 feet 6 inch height with a clearly physically fit physique. Her brown hair is almost a fiery color much like her personality and is shoulder length but often worn tied up in a pony tail or bun due to her active lifestyle. Soft light brown irises that reflect that fiesty inner fire are set into her almond shaped eyes accented by thin even naturally arched brows. Tanned skin speaks more of her active lifestyle yet still seems well taken care of and soft. She wears no make-up for her natural beauty is quite enough with her heart shaped face, petite nose, and fine full lips.

Personality : A fiesty young woman she takes after her mother a great deal. Adventurous and independent, but still a loyal friend, and reliable agent of Naboo. Her good looks are atuned to her feminity, but don't take that for granted because she is firm and hard as any soldier when the situation calls for it. Active and intelligent she stands out as exemplary for a Handmaiden of the Queen. A favorite of the Queen, she is often assigned the most sensitive tasks often requiring her to travel outside the normal bounds of the Naboo Royal Court. Accustomed to both the regal and the rough she is highly adaptable in any situation. Since her parents death however, she is not as apt to become too close to anyone other than her recently rediscovered half-brother, Arris.

Homeworld : Naboo
Born on Naboo in the City of Theed to Jaime and Alena Seery, a well-to-do merchant couple. Arabé was the youngest of two, the other being her half-brother, Arris, who had been born of an illegitimate union between Alena and an undisclosed man. Tragedy struck early in her life however, due to her mother's colored past a demon came to claim her life and those around her. This demon did spare the lives of the children, Arabé and her brother Arris, but not completely, setting fire to their parent's home and leaving them there to die in the smoke and flames. Luckily a servant of the family, Sirrus Veeran, saved the two children. Sirrus took Arris under his wing, but left the much younger Arabé to the Naboo Mountain Orphanage believing that his secret smuggler's lifestyle was not meant for such a pretty young girl. Arabé was too young to remember much of that part of her life, but of course knew something tragic had happened to her parents. It was not till at least a decade later that she rediscovered her half-brother Arris. The two quickly reconnected their sibling bond. At that time Arabé was also selected to train as one of the elite Handmaidens for the Queen of Naboo. Excelling in training she was selected as one of the Queens personal entourage under Queen Neeyutnee during the Clone Wars. With Queen Neeyutnee she had great favor and trust, which has led to her being sent on several clandestine missions for the Queen having proven herself as a trusted and capable operator.

Her past manifested itself with Force Sensitivity that put her in jeopardy once Order 66 was executed.  She helped Mylana Joo, a Jedi Knight and healer to escape, and eventually became her Padawan.  Although being older and with the Jedi Order all but decimated it meant for somewhat less traditional training.