Full Name: Jimmi Klass
Race: Near Human (Homeworld: Tatooine, but he'll probably tell you Nar Shadda)
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 1.72 m (5'8")
Weight: 63.5 kg (140#)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Fixer, currently an independent contract troubleshooter for TaggeCorp

Physical Description (narrative):  A fair skinned young man with brown curly hair and brown eyes.  Considered handsome by some human standards, his face is friendly enough to ply his trade of making connections and getting things done.  His jaw would be more manly if it wasn't still softened by youth, but a little bit of stubble does lend back to his credibility of not being just a kid.  His brown hair is a little bit wavy/curly and stylish.

He's wearing a simple Corellian spacefarer's garb, with dark orange pants, and red thick piping down the leg, matching leather jacket in the same dark orange with a large red horizontal stripe, grey henley shirt, dark brown spacer boots and a utility belt with no visible weapons.

Short Biography: Jimmi Klass, originally Jimmy Shai ('shy'), is a native of Tatooine. His parents who were killed in a sand storm were not natives, and in fact migrated from the Core World of Corellia. So, in fact, Jimmi is Corellian. Despite his family namesake Jimmi is quite charismatic, albeit he is a bit of a coward. Jimmi fancies himself more a lover than a fighter and talks with a Southside Mos Espa accent.

He does have a gift of the gab, and manages to make friends all around, but mostly in low places.  He's a fixer, an information broker, and if you absolutely need something that's probably not Imperial sanctioned, Jimmi is your man.

He basically talked his way off of Tatooine, and although he does have some connections he maintains he actually hasn't physically set foot back on the desert planet.  Jimmi is ultimately a 'good kid' who sometimes runs with the wrong crowd. All he needs is proper guidance and support, and he might actually come out to be a decent human being.