Bishop stands at a height of 1.83 meters, stocky medium build, black hair, and brown eyes.  He wears his hair shaved all around coming up high and tight, nearly a mohawk if the patch running along the top was longer than just a few millimeters.  His eyes already reflect a little more than some other people from the slums of Eriadu, perhaps more of a spark, a hunger for learning and experiencing life.

If he has his shirt off he is an excellent physical specimen, and is covered in tattoos mostly depicting some sort of life and death struggle or duality represented in several different cultures.

Full Name: Bishop or "Doc"
Race: Human (Homeworld: Unknown)
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown (appears 30)
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 75 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Medic
Destiny: Rescue

"Doc" enjoys engaging in conversation about nearly anything, and he especially enjoys debating existentialism with anyone who dares.

Talkative, but very cordial and pleasant.  He loves a good debate, especially with intellectuals.  The caregiver of the group, he can be like a mother making sure his mates are taken care of above himself.  He likes animals and kids, and always has a little something for them.

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If someone was alive during the Clone Wars he looks suspiciously like one of the clone troopers of that era.

Part of a second generation batch of Republic Clone troopers that were bred for greater intellect and adaptive thinking to make them more elite soldiers than your standard clone.  Clone Trooper RC-2313 is a designated Republic Commando Clone Trooper.  RC-2313 self-designated Bishop and bestowed name "Doc" had a penchant for learning and a thirst for knowledge.  He was selected to be trained as a medic initially, and further aptitude had him trained in a secondary as a slicer and security specialist.  "Doc" has developed an affinity for his fellow clones, and life forms in general making him a little more amicable than your standard clone or even Republic Commando. In fact, his growth acceleration and those of his brothers were slower than standard clones, hence his ability to live longer than the others (unless they meet an untimely death).  When Order 66 was given he resisted and helped the Jedi with him flee.  During the ensuing melee he was cut-off from the rest of his team and the Jedi.  He has wandered the galaxy looking for them every since.  He most certainly does not mention anything about his Clone Trooper/Republic Commando days.