Aria is a young vibrantly beautiful Arkanian woman in her early twenties or even late teens.  Her light and lithe but ample frame is well proportioned to her 1.8 meter height with a clearly physically fit physique.  Her simple black hair is naturally highlighted with a lighter cool dark blue much like her personality, and is shoulder length but is usually tied up in a pony tail due to her active lifestyle.  Luminescent white eyes that reflect an inner intensity appear sensuously beneath long dark eyelashes that are set into her almond shaped eyes accented by thin and even naturally arched brows.  Lightly tanned skin speaks more of her active lifestyle yet still seems well taken care of and soft.  She wears no make-up for her natural beauty is quite enough with pouty naturally red fine full lips and a petite nose that are placed perfectly on her heart shaped face giving her an additional touch of sensual beauty that glows with a charisma all of it's own.

She is currently wearing a simple space-farers garb with a long-sleeve shirt in black with a large gray strip across her chest which clings nicely to her feminine form.  Over that is a matching black light-weight waist jacket, which on occasion flaps open revealing a shoulder holster for a blaster pistol.  Black form fitting pants round out her provocative appearance despite the simple adornings.  She is accessorized with black calf boots and a standard utility belt.