Full Name: L-1337
Race: Droid (Homeworld: Czerka )
Sex: N/A - Appears Male and has Male voice modules
Age: 19
Height:1.4 m
Weight: 200 kg
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Orange, although they turn Red during certain scripts
Occupation: Multi-function/purpose Czerka "Protocol" droid.  Skilled in repairs, languages, protection, and other jobs.

Physical Description (narrative): L-1337 is a bronze/gold colored bipedal protocol type droid chasi, with discrete armor plating.  Blaster scaring marks his head unit in places, and seems to spark on occasion.  This obvious defect has not been fixed for some reason.

Short Biography:
L-1337 started out life the property and play thing of a rich Oligarch.  After the demise of his former master his status as property is ambiguous, due to the nature of the man's will.  He current loans himself out for tech, labor, piloting, and various other work to "Make money for his master."