Full Name: Kella Starskimmer (Starlighter)
Race: Human (Homeworld: Cappella 3)
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 1.63 m
Weight: 40.8 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Minor Miner (...Jedi Padawan with haphazard training...)

Physical Description (narrative):  A young woman, pretty by many standards with her brown hair simply cut at shoulder length, but often tied into a pony tail or top knot, and her rather naive, innocent large hazel eyes.  She is lithe, but athletic in frame and size, proportioned well, not too big, not too small.

Her clothing is a simple brown and tan tunic, and slacks.  A pair of worn miner's boots eludes to a current or past profession.  She is also now wearing a standard issue Imperial security forces utility belt with hip blaster holster with blaster pistol.

Short Biography:
Born on Cappella 3, or that's what her parents told her, she has only known the barren rock of a planet all her young life.  Her mother and father passed away only a few years ago, but their mining debt became Kella's.  Kella knows her parents were more than miners, especially when her mother taught her a number of tricks, and told her she was special.  Kella's mother, Olivia, also told her she couldn't tell or reveal to anyone that she was special either, since the Empire did not like 'special' and would come looking for them if anyone ever found out their secret.  Olivia was but a Jedi Padawan herself when Order 66 was executed and so many Jedi were killed or later hunted down and killed by Darth Vadar and his minions.  She fled with a Republican naval officer, Brett Tempe, who would become Kella's father.  They put up with the miner's life and the crushing debt to stay hidden, but also to someday rise up.  That was until Kella was born, and they worried she would be taken away or killed, so they remained hidden, and trained young Kella in the ways of the Jedi or as much as Olivia could with her own limited training.  A mining "accident" killed both Olivia and Brett, leaving Kella on her own.  She at least had a friend she thought she could trust, ReKara the Mon Calamari.  The relative newcomer, and droid, L-1337, was an interesting character, as an autonomous droid in this day and age was unusual, especially one that seemed -- broken.  Regardless, she put up with L-1337's strangeness, as she almost felt the cold logic of a droid would be less likely to betray her.  Now on her own, with some she might call her friends, Kella has to face the galaxy.