Zurel Kurn
Full Name: Zurel Kurn
Race: Human (Homeworld: Alderaan)
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 1.75 m (5'9")
Weight: 81 kg (178.5#)
Hair: Blondish
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Starfighter pilot for hire

Physical Description (narrative): Zurel is currently wearing a padded flight suit that is predominately light grey, with the 'padded' armor portion being dark grey. He carries a X-30 "Lancer" target blast pistol in a shoulder holster(left side). When not in the cockpit he also wears a black pistol belt that has a DH-17 blaster in a holster on right side.

Short Biography:
Zurel is a native of Alderaan and served in the Alderaanian Self Defense Force as a starfighter pilot where he flew the best starfighters Alderaan had in its inventory: CloakShape Fighters, ARC-170’s, Z-95 Headhunters, and BTL-B Y-Wings.

After completing his term of service with the Alderaanian Self Defense Force, Zurel was offered a commission in the Imperial Starfleet as an officer onboard a Star Destroyer. Instead of taking the commission, Zurel turned it down and is now sort of a starfighter pilot for hire. He moves from one system to another, piloting an old very decrepit looking (but yet highly modified) CloakShape Fighter providing security for whomever needs it. Most of those ‘requiring security’ are of course those who wish to avoid ‘Imperial entanglements’.

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Officially Zurel is still a member of the Alderaanian Self Defense Force. Vetted as a trusted individual he is now working directly for Senator Bail Organa and is tasked with locating and bringing potential groups of individuals into the rebellion against the Empire.