Vyctor Kerr
HEIGHT:  170cm
MASS: 76.20kg
HAIR: Varies broadly and often
EYES: Brown to golden
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS:  Area surrounding eyes tattooed dark blue.

Multiple gang related tattoos including -
     Sein^ raegle*
     Hyperion^ crosses
     Fader^ code^
     Twin Suns^
     Dark Sun^
     Nayrethian^ halberd
     various mythical star ships^
Tends to wear clothing designed for stealth.

CASE FILE:  Vyctor Kerr is wanted for multiple counts:
     hoarding unauthorized^ relics
     theft of unauthorized^ relics from a government facility
     murder of sixteen government employees.
He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.  Also trained in multiple forms of hand to hand combat, including double mastery of the Tears of Kas' Eye style.

Vyctor is a talented pilot and has a natural talent at understanding all manner of machinery, computers, transportation, and especially relics.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES:  Vyctor is well known by many of the relic hunter groups surrounding Core.  He has no known permanent associates, but tends to seek female companionship on a regular basis.  He is well liked by these women.


     Father  - Kydor Kerr^
     Mother  - Sylia Kerr^
     Brother - Gallian Kerr^
     Sister  - Helera Kerr^
Family has publicly disowned Vyctor for his crimes and has no observed association with him.


Vyctor's last relic dive is thought to be the ruins near Ant Hill Ease.

*A raegel is a majestic raptor about the size of a grown man.  They are the symbol of a political movement two hundred years defunct that believed in finding a way to overthrow the Star Gods.  The raegel is believed to be extinct on Core.