Irin Adson
Irin is a beautiful, buxom young woman who is all smiles and flirtations.  She has an easy way about her that disarms.  Long strawberry blonde hair falls loose most of the time, cascading behind her shoulders.  Her top is usually just tight enough and plunging enough to distract, but not to invite or advertise.  Like her father, her eyes and her hands are quick.  Her otherwise slender frame moves with a grace that suggests there is far more to her than the bubbly surface she presents to the world.

Irin lives with her father in Ant Hill Ease.  She has grown up around Relic Hunters and enjoys their stories. Not much for the devices, though she knows how to use them, Irin focuses on the lore.  She was always pretty, but as an adult, she is extremely beautiful and curvy.  It frustrates her because she wants to be known for her mind, not her body.  Her beauty is a double-edged sword.  While causing her endless problems, she has no end of gallant men who would protect her in hopes of gaining her favor legitimately.

Irin's mother is alive and in Core.  Her father and her are cordial but separated.  Her mother, also beautiful, could not remain in the small town and prefers the high life in the big city.  Unlike Irin, her mother lives on her looks which have not faded with age...yet.  Irin is frustrated with her mother, which is why she lives with her father.  However, the call of the big city is strong and it won't be long before she leaves to make a life there.  It will be a life of a researcher, not a debutante.