Agamar Ragesong
His upbringing at the docks is reflected on his body. Agamar is built, his physique accented with burly muscles and a tasteful amount of bodily hair. While his skin is just a dull green and his eyes are a soft brown, pieces of his human heritage, his height and strength are gifts from his Orcish mother. His head is angular, sharp, but in the right places, making for a handsome complexion. A smooth, black beard hangs from his face, ending almost mid-way between his pectorals. The hair atop his head, black, is shaved on the sides, leaving a solid bar down the middle which tapers into a pony-tail hanging off the back. Fortunately, unlike his Orcish mother, his tusks are small, easily concealed in his mouth, appearing to be a larger-than-normal set of bottom k-nines. Around his right bicep is a black tattoo of a dragon consuming its own tail. He also bears a black and white kraken tattoo on his right shoulder, its tentacles sprawled out.

When not in combat, he can be found wearing a pair of leather boots, dark brown breeches, a thick leather belt, and a white, sleeveless tunic. When in combat, he wears a shirt of chainmail, thick leather bracers and a rounded spangenhelm with cheek plates and a partial face-mask covering his cheeks and nose.