DelMar Jaerred
Even amongst Water Genasi, the most unique of Genasi to hear them tell, DelMar is unique.  Where most have one or two visible Elemental traits, DelMar has several.  His skin is white and shiny, like a polished pearl.  His hair, including on his body and face (when he does not shave), is a shiny, rainbow-streaked gray, like Mother of Pearl.  His eyes are a bright sea-green.  There is a slight webbing between his fingers and toes.  Aboard ship, he usually goes barefoot.  The clothing he wears is going to be durable and utilitarian.

DelMar is compassionate, sensitive, but also tough and independent, though he works well in a team.  He seems to have a number of contradictory traits.  He is courageous, and reliable, though he may not get things done the way one would expect.