Amara is an unusual sort. Her mannerisms are soft and refined and her tone aloft with eloquence. Though gentle and kind, she has an underlying wit as sharp as any blade that hints at a playful nature. She can turn stubborn in an instant as well, proving just how willfully headstrong and resilient a lass she is. Despite it, she is almost always smiling and seems in wide eyed wonder of every new thing she experiences. She seems to face the new being both curious and fearless. She is usually the first to ask a question, make conversation or volunteer to help, though she does seem to be a bit of a daydreamer. She can often be found on her own, gazing off at the horizon and worrying the strange necklace she wears. Intricately carved aqua and peach coral beads with strange symbols are strung itís length and at her clavicle hangs the pendant. A large, flat carved pearl that is adorned with an intricate seal or sigil of some kind.

Amara is youthful and astonishingly attractive with delicate, feminine features. Her hair is waves of ruddy hued cocoa that seem to fade into the background against a red sunset, her blue-green eyes (often found gazing amorously at Darian) reminisce of the ocean and her skin is flawlessly unblemished by the sun. Though this is odd, considering how much of her pleasant form remains unabashedly exposed in her midriff blouses and high-slit skirts. She seems to almost float with an effortless movement that makes her look a bit surreal, though the glamour is lost once a bout of clumsiness sets in as it so often does. All in all, she almost seems out of place on the road. Clad in silks and a wide array of baubles and beads carved with interesting designs, she hardly fits the stereotype of an adventurer. But then, she seems to be a woman with rules of her own, as evidenced by the rapier at her hip, contrasting from her visage with the hilt well worn from use.


She is almost always in the company of this large parrot whom she calls Sidney. He is innocent as they come, when put on the spot. Otherwise he tends to squawk insults and obscenities of every degree, much to the constant chagrin of those around him. If one didn't know better, they would swear it was actively scheming and plotting against them... but parrots are incapable of such intricate thought... right?